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Volunteer Positions Descriptions

Parents are required to sign-up for 2 volunteer shifts per season. The Meets cannot run without parent help. 

If you volunteer for a position and cannot attend the meet, please try to find a replacement. If you cannot, please notify coach or SODPA (SODolphins07079@gmail.com) ASAP so we can try to fill your spot. 

Listed below are some of the activities that need parent volunteers:


Parent volunteers are needed to be timers at all meets including the Divisional Meet and Meet of Champions.

A timer is responsible for taking the time of a swimmer or relay team in one lane for half the duration of the meet. 

Timers attend the short meeting with the League Official before the meet starts. Your time is passed along to the meet official who records the time. If you are assigned to a meet and are unable to attend the meet or time the meet, notify the coach or SODPA in advance so another parent can be assigned.

Bake Sale

Bake Sales are held whenever a meet takes place at the South Orange Pool and are a large source of income for the team. The Bake Sale chairperson is responsible for contacting parents to remind them to bring items to the sale.  Bake Sale Volunteers:

*Set up the table

*Man the table for their shift during the meet and coordinate with SODPA Treasurer to ensure there is sufficient cash and change to accommodate patrons.

Cleanup Crew

Remember we are guests of the South Orange Pool facility.

Clean-up crew walks around and pick ups garbage from the pool area beginning at 7pm in order to ease the burden on the lifeguard staff upon completion of the meet. Pool chairs need to be returned to the proper positions around the perimeter of the pool. Clean-up crew should remind parents and swimmers to clean up after themselves.  Cleanup crew remains to facilitate cleanup until Meet guests have cleaned up and left. 


A runner is responsible for picking up the recorded times from the Timers or Official and delivering them to the scoring table.


Scorers sit at the Scorer's table to record the times from sheet provided by the runners, determine the score for each event and for the entire meet and reports these results to the Officials. Scorers remain at the scoring table for the duration of the meet.

Ribbon Writers

Parent volunteers prepare awards/ribbons at each meet and remain at the scoring table for the duration of the meet.


Parent volunteer will announce the swim event, event number, & heat for the meet. 

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