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Swim Across America Swim-a-Thon- Friday, June 28th 2019

Rain Date:  Wednesday, July 10th 2019

We are so excited to hold our 6th annual Monet Caputy Armenia Swim-a-Thon!!  Our Swim-a-Thon started 5 years ago to help support Monet, a swim team mom, in her fight against metastatic breast cancer.  Sadly, Monet passed away that summer, but her memory and example of bravery and determination (and fabulous sense of style and wit) live on in our hearts.  Every year we swim to give back and this year we are once again teaming up with Swim Across America (SAA).  

SAA is an organization that raises money through swim events for cancer research, prevention, and treatment.  Our goal as a team is to raise $5,000 and swim 50 miles. We blew those goals out of the water last year - we can do it again!

How will we do that? We will swim a continuous relay from 6am until 8pm. NO! That doesn't mean your child will be an exhausted, wrinkled prune at the end of the day! Rather, we will swim in shifts, and our goal is to have at least 1 person in the water from the time the pool opens for the "early bird swimmers" at 6am until closing time at 8pm.

Here's how it works:

- Sign up on the SAA website and collect pledges. See below for information about how to set up the fundraising part of the Swim-a-Thon. Last year we raised about $7,000 and hope we can beat that this year. Don't want to ask people for money? That's OK; your child(ren) can still participate! You can pledge yourself or not raise money at all.

- Come to practice 15- 20 minutes early to sign in and receive your incentive awards, as well as caps and tattoos. Please don't forget to bring the waiver. On the Swim-a-Thon day (Fri., 6/28), your child's practice will consist of swimming laps that count toward our team goal, AND their own personal goal. Talk to them about a goal they might want to set, whether it's 10 laps for the 8&Unders, 250 laps for the older kids, or something in between! (If they're participating in the fundraising part of the event, more laps earn them more prizes!)

- Enjoy breakfast after your practice time laps! Sonny's Bagels is donating over 100 bagels for the team after morning practice, and we'll have fruit and drinks, to help refuel our swimmers for the day!

- Come back during the day for fun relays and games with the team captains! The team captains will be leading these events and your child is welcome to join in the fun at anytime.  The afternoon is NOT just about swimming laps. it's about having fun while swimming for a cause! Team captains will organize fun relays (think t-shirt and greased watermelon relays!), and will have snacks and games for the participants.

- Return (or stay!) for a 6:00pm pizza party dinner and parent swim shift! Yes, that's right... here's where YOU come into it. Put on your swimsuit and hit the deck. While our kids gorge themselves on pizza (which we'll order and collect $ for that day), we parents will keep the relay going!

This is a really amazing team building event that is one of the highlights of the summer season. The kids hang out and play, get to know each other, and raise money for a good cause too!

Any questions? Please contact Leslie Kerner (lesliekerner@gmail.com) or Daniele Merlis (dmerlis@hotmail.com).




Every swimmer who participates will receive a Swim Across America cap, bracelet and tattoos! Raise the amounts below and receive great SAA items for your efforts!

SAA offers incentives to hit fundraising milestones.

  • $100 - SAA T-Shirt.
  • $200 - SAA Key Chain + previous fundraising incentive.
  • $500 - SAA Towel + previous fundraising incentives.
  • $1000 - SAA Embroidered Bag + previous fundraising incentives.

Signing up is easy, here's how:

  1. go to  www.swimacrossamerica.org/swimforacause2019
  2. print and sign waiver to have ready for swim-a-thon - can be found in how to join section  (can click here for waiver too  www.swimacrossamerica.org/site/DocServer/2017_SAA...
  3. click "register"
  4. click "join a team"
  5. click "join as a new participant"
  6. write in South Orange Dolphins under team name
  7. click "join" 
  8. set up a personal fundraising goal and click "next"
  9. follow the steps for registering
  10. you can then personalize your individual page if you would like
  11. you can e-mail your page to family and friends for donations!
  12. you can easily track your progress and even send thank you notes from your page
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