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Parent Resources

Swimmer Pack List for a Swim Meet:

Dolphins Swimsuit

Dolphins Swim-cap

At least one pair of goggles (2 pairs preferred in case one breaks)

At least 1 towel for warm-up and meet


Clothes/Coverup to wear between events if preferred

Healthy Snacks (be aware if your age group has an allergy)

Water bottles

Parent Pack List for a Swim Meet:

Sharpie (to write your child's name, event #, heat #, position on his/her back shoulder before the meet if you didn't do it the night before). DO NOT put sunscreen on before body marking, or the body marking will smear all over the place.

Money - The hosting team runs most swim meet concessions. Any profits go to support their team


Sunglasses and/or a hat

A portable chair

More sunscreen


Good cheering voice. Swimmers can hear in the water. The louder the crowd, the more exciting their swim!

A Parent Guide to Swim Meets!

POOL LOCATION: Home meets are at the South Orange Pool

ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive at the pool on time for all meets. Swimmer warm-up begins at 5:00pm, Meets begin at 6:00pm.There is one morning meet on the 2018 schedule.Warm-up and start time will be posted and announced.

COACHING: During the meet, the coaching team will be on deck observing each child. Coaches and parent volunteers will help swimmer get set up for starts, reminding swimmers of specifics for each race (stroke type, sequence, etc...). Please allow them to focus on these activities. Please direct children to remain with the swim team in designated swim area.

During the meet

WHAT YOUR SWIMMER SHOULD KNOW: First and foremost have fun! Do their best and enjoy the meet. PLEASE leave the coaching to our amazing coaches and just encourage your swimmers. If you are volunteering and leaving your swimmer especially our younger swimmers, please make sure they know where all their "stuff" is snacks, goggles, money and entertainment. Please remind your swimmers to stay with the swim team in the designated areas.Please lather your swimmers with sunscreen prior to arriving at the pool.

FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS: At home meets, bake sale goodies are available for purchase to support the team. Food will also be available for purchase from the SO Pool concession stand.

DISQUALIFIED: Swimmers will be DQ'd (disqualified) for improper strokes. If your child is DQ'd please assure your swimmer that it is okay and how proud you are of them for trying. The coaches do get a list of what the swimmer was DQ'd for and they will go over with the swimmers in practice!

SPORTSMANSHIP: Dolphin swimmers stay in the water at the end of their races until all swimmers have touched the wall, it's respectful to other swimmers. Once all swimmers have finished the race swimmers may exit the pool.

Additional Thoughts

Please MARK EVERYTHING with the swimmers name so we can avoid lost shirts, towels, caps, bathing suits, etc. We encourage all parents and swimmers to stay until the end of the meet to cheer on all of our Dolphins.

Wear sunscreen!

Have fun watching all the kids experience summer swim. Most of all, the Dolphins want to be known for our good sportsmanship. Please congratulate the winner no matter what team they are on, please encourage all swimmers and please encourage your swimmers to do the same. Our swimmers will follow our example.

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