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When does weather affect our swim season?

Two weather events cause practice delays or cancellation: Lightning (sighted or possibly near) and/or hard rain. If a lightning strike is seen, or if thundering is loud overhead, practice will be called for about 30 minutes. Coaches will take the swimmers to the pavilion to wait. Light rain without lightning is no problem; hard rain that prevents a swimmer from seeing the bottom of the pool will cause practice delays or cancellation.

When do swimmers receive ribbons from meets?

All ribbons will be in the family folders after the meet.

How many events does a swimmer swim?

Swimmers may only participate in up to 3 events. You may find your swimmer in fewer events. This is because it is not always possible to have all swimmers swim the relays and/or they are not yet able to legally swim certain strokes within a reasonable time.

What is the order of the Medley Relay?

  1. Backstroke (2) Breaststroke (3) Butterfly (4) Freestyle

What happens if I have entered my child in a meet and he/she now can't swim in that meet?

Our coaching staff will be completing each meet's seeding based on meet entries received for that meet. Please make every attempt to notify the coaching staff if your swimmer is unable to attend a meet. We understand that plans can change quickly and unexpectedly, and that emergencies do occasionally arise between any given time. In such cases, please email Coach Michael at southorangeswimcoach@gmail.com

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