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Practice Policies

  • Be on deck with cap, goggles, towel, sunscreen already applied, and ready to swim 5 minutes before practice starts
  • Lanes will be assigned for each swimmer based on ability.  Swimmers will practice with other swimmers who are on the same skill level.  Lane assignments are fluid and can be changed as swimmers progress
  • Practice during inclement weather
    • practice usually takes place during light/moderate rain
    • practice usually will be cancelled or delayed if there is lightening and thunder, or heavy rain
    • check Swimtopia to see if practice will be cancelled and you will also receive an email if it is cancelled
  • Code of Conduct:
    • be respectful to your teammates
    • maintain a positive attitude
    • show good sportsmanship to your teammates, as well as the opposing teams
    • cheer on your teammates at meets and provide support at practice
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